Induction orgone device with Quartz Antenna for lucid dreaming.

Last year I pour many lucid dreaming device and test different process combination to make the most out of those type of device.

In my different configurations,  It seems to me that Blue Kyanite is a must for any lucid dreaming experiences.  The downside is obvious,  we sleep so lightly that we are awakening in the night much more than usual.

This is a great thing, when doing dreaming work.  It give us the benefit to write down our dream when we wake up.  The other benefit is,  if we are lightly sleeping but we don’t wake up, we have a chance to be into the lucid dreaming state.

What is Lucid dreaming?  Wikipedia got a nice article about it here:

Quoting: ” A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. ”

Using copper powder into proper ratio to fast transfer and amplifying orgone energy help to maintain lucid dreaming a lot compare to my other stainless steel or only brass or only bismuth or only titanium device.    In this experiment,  I didn’t use anything other than copper powder mix with lepidolite for the high density layer.

Resonating cavities into orgone device modulate orgone wave or vibrations.  For this article,  I will explore a new kind of technic I tried to make an orgone bridge through a quartz point crystal acting has a main antenna of orgone energy to bring by induction the orgone wave to the users.

Quartz point with two different epoxy copper induction bridge.

Quartz point with two different epoxy copper induction bridge.

How is that an orgone bridge?  Look at the epoxy copper mix I did put over the base and compare with those two different configurations:

Epoxy copper HD Fully around the quartz based.

Epoxy copper HD Fully around the quartz point antenna base.

Donut shape epoxy copper HD around quartz point antenna.

Donut shape epoxy copper HD around quartz point antenna base.

The Orgone epoxy copper HD act has the bridge between two induction plate.

The first brass key layer when pour got the quartz antenna put into it while it was liquid,  so it is in contact with the shaving of the bottom layer.

The second brass shaving layer had been poured to the edge of the epoxy layer of the quartz antenna, making another induction clear resin layer that is free of any metal.  This is where the insulation layer is making the clear quartz the only conductor of orgone between the first two layers with the high density copper power and lepidolite mix on top of it.

Side view of the device to look at both induction clear resin layer.

Side view of the device to look at both induction clear resin layer.

From this configuration compare to standard orgonite,  it made a rippling wave like conic effect that is clearly perceptible if you put your hand on top of it and attuning to the device.

Orgone is pull in by the clear layer based that resonate the blue kyanite making that layer acting as an orgone vacuum , cleansing resonating layer.  More than just cleansing, kyanite raise the vibrations to a state of telepathic/psychic communication frequencies range.

Clear layer that pull inside the device orgone energies.  The blue kyanite cleansing and amplifying the energy to psychic frequencies.

Clear layer that pull inside the device orgone energies. The blue kyanite cleansing and amplifying the energy to psychic frequencies.

Then, the quartz bridge having a greater density attract the orgone through the second brass key shaving layer.  At that point the orgone field had taken great strenght and the insulating layer make the orgone going through the quartz mandatory.  This is the bridge effect into this induction experiment.

Quartz is use to transfer orgone flow,  the insulating layer giving much resistance, the orgone flow find the shortcut from the quartz point (without the epoxy, by the pouring technic describe ealier) to go through the final copper lepidolite mix.

Final copper / lepidolite hd layer with blue laced agate resonance properties.

Final copper / lepidolite hd layer with blue laced agate resonance properties.

Into that final layer, we have resonating cavities made with small tumbled chip of blue lace agate.  The orgone field amplified and cleansed with blue kyanite and quartz point, is now modulated to peace, angelic communications, spiritual guides or spiritual progress / work.

Using this device once a week for a complete year,  I can relate at least one lucid dreaming experience by night.  I write down an average of 5 dreams when I awake in the night.  It can be exhausting sometimes, so once a week had been great for me,  usually in the weekend or when full moon or different energy shift occurs.

More than half those lucid dreaming involve communication with spiritual guide or angels or others high frequencies entities thanks to blue laced agate and blue kyanite.

Why using Lepidolite? 🙂  Lepidolite is the stone of change that expand the ability to adjust to different situation with a peaceful state of mind.  When lucid dreaming, we are aware of it and then we can start our journey into the multiverses…  doing so,  many kind of unusual experiences present to the dreamer and lepidolite energies bring a lot of potential to take that new experiment with great positive outcome!

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HHG for Wild Turkey Fecundity

In spring 2011 a friend of mine got his farm into a big inundation.  Many of his turkeys died and the survivors was traumatize by the experiences.  They stop laying eggs.

My friends explain to me, that he need to change the position of the cage because the turkeys would not do eggs at this place anymore.

It was a great occasion to test how Orgone device can help living things.

Here is a picture of the place to gift.  (unfortunately,  I don’t have a picture before the HHG was put in)

To make something worthwhile,  I did a research on the different gemstone associate to a better life sex.  They all had been use to help different sexual problems.  I only took those one that where helping fecundity.  I want the turkey to give eggs. 🙂

Carnelian and Garnet where the combo that work out the best together in different grid configuration.

Here is some resume for Garnet from Trey Abernethy:


A powerful energizing and regenerating stone, Garnet cleanses and regenerates the chakras. It revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate. It is said to be able to warn of approaching danger and was long ago carried as a protective talisman.

• Inspires love and devotion
• Balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony
• Stimulates the rise of Kundalini
• A stone of commitment
• Fortifies, activates, and strengthens the survival instinct in traumatic situations
• Promotes mutual assistance in times of trouble
• Strongly linked to the pituitary and can stimulate expanded awareness
• Sharpens one’s perceptions of self and others
• Dissolves ingrained behavior patterns that no longer serve the Highest good
• Opens the heart and bestows self-confidence

Hall, Judy. The Crystal Bible. Cincinnati: Walking Stick Press, 2003
And for Carnelian:

Chalcedony (jasper) qtz. Translucent. confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness, outgoingness. Precision, analysis, appetite, awareness of feelings. Orange and yellow Chakra. Warms and cleanses blood, kidneys, stimulates appetite, emotions, passion, sexuality, physical energy, celebration, reproductive system, menstrual cramps, arthritis, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas. Historically also used to pull excess fever out through the feet. Comes in a variety of colors ranging from red to orange and, in some cases, even to dark brown. Helps you feel anchored and comfortable with your surroundings. Provides a connection to the past or to historical events. Strongly influences the reproductive organs. Purifies the blood and liver, and it is excellent for lower back trouble. Can improve motivation. Helps one achieve greater success in career or personal matters. Helps ground people who meditate.

  • Top layer is copper powder mix with fine Lepidolite powder.
  • Key Brass shaving with half of the Double Terminate Citrine in there.
  • Iron and steel shavings,  they rust after cleaning but had the other half of the DT and the Carnelians,  4 stone dispose around the crystal.   Turkey Eggshell where mix into it, to help the turkey absorb the Positive Orgone Energy of the device through resonance.
  • Aluminium shaving with Garnet as the bottom layer.

In 2012, the Turkey didn’t make any eggs for more than one year.   It was the good time to gift this HHG to my friend and ask him to bury it under the place where the turkeys sleep.

It took a while but in Spring 2013, the Wild Turkey start to give eggs again.  Those turkeys don’t lay all the time of the years and so, the time the place was orgonized with Positive Orgone Energy it didn’t correspond with their lay time.

My friend was sure and was confirm by veterinary, that he need to change the cage to another place for the turkeys to lay eggs again.

It would had been great to have two place, one with the HHG and one without to compare to number of eggs, the thickness of the eggshells and so on,  but It wasn’t possible for this experiment.

So far, so good…  Orgone device help to heal the trauma of the Turkeys and they found their life back (and my friends family got giant eggs for breakfast).

How do you program orgone device?

I have found many ways to program orgone device. 

1- When the resin cured it will absorb the energy signature around and imprint it. This is a static program. It will come at creation and never change nor loose power or be reversed. Anything you do into your energy fields while pouring and curing your orgone device will impact the final program or frequencies of your device. 

a) Radionics – Power wand, Succor Punch, Cybershaman or even complex radionics create energy field that will program your device.

b) Meditations work – Reiki, Tai-chi, Energy work, Mantra, Mandala, Spirit or Angel channeling – All meditations work will have an impact over the energy signature of your device. So, When you created a specialized device for human gifting, you can really go deep into all the Works to implant a specific energetic signature.

c) Adding component or materials that have some energetic signature. Putting Carnelian will give some vibrations that Tourmaline won’t have and vice versa. Many people put plants, herbs, insects, fruits, seed, shells, spices, incensed, icons, symbols, essentials oils, flower bach elixir and so on… it’s limitless. It’s why you see many orgonauts doing great orgonite grid, with crystal grid and charging plate to play over the energetic signature of their component. Note that all DARK and EVIL or DOR thing are cleanse when they go into orgonite.

2- Crystal programming. Crystals can hold many program at once. Some can be changed, erased, some not. Crystals worker know how to do it properly. You can’t explain the process with words. It’s somekind of relation you build up with your crystal. That second concept is great, because your orgone device is staticly programmed when it cured but can be changed and adapt as you evolved by crystal programming. It give somewhat a feeling of evolution to your crystals and so, to your orgonite device.

Orgonite pouring safety kit.

Pouring polyester or epoxy resins is somewhat dangerous if we are not properly equip.

When we mix the liquid part with the catalyzer, a chimic reaction occurs that will let the resin solidify.  Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed and so VOCs are the results of the solidifying chimic action.

Let see the MSDS sheet for polyester resin:

Quoting the Section 3.

Section 3 – Hazards Identification
Routes of Entry :
Eye contact, Skin contact, Inhalation, Ingestion
Target Organs Potentially Affected by Exposure:
Skin, Liver, Eyes, Respiratory Tract, Nervous System,
Chemical Interactions That Change Toxicity:
None Known,
Medical Conditions Aggravated by Exposure:
Skin disease including eczema and sensitization, Liver
disease, Eye disease, Respiratory disease including asthma and bronchitis,
Immediate (Acute) Health Effects by Route of Exposure
Inhalation Irritation:
Can cause moderate respiratory irritation, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, nausea and headache.
Inhalation Toxicity:
Vapor harmful. May affect the brain or nervous system causing dizziness, headache or nausea. Causes nose and throat irritation. Non-Toxic. Not known to cause systemic damage.
Skin Contact:
Can cause moderate skin irritation, defatting, and dermatitis. Not likely to cause permanent damage.
Skin Absorption:
No absorption hazard in normal industrial use. Component(s) may be absorbed through intact skin, but it is unlikely that harmful affects will occur unless contact is prolonged, repeated, and extensive.
Eye contact:
Can cause moderate irritation, tearing and reddening, but not likely to permanently injure eye tissue.
Ingestion Irritation:
Irritating to mouth, throat, and stomach.
Can cause abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Small amounts (a tablespoonful) swallowed during normal handling operations are not likely to cause injury; swallowing amounts larger than that may cause injury.
Ingestion Toxicity:
slightly toxic
Long-Term (Chronic) Health Effects
Contains a substance that is a possible cancer hazard based on high dose animal studies and/or a human study.
Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity:
Contains a substance(s) that is a possible reproductive system hazard based on high dose tests with laboratory animals.
No data available to indicate product or any components present at greater than 0.1% is mutagenic or genotoxic.
Upon prolonged and/or repeated exposure, can cause moderate respiratory irritation, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, nausea and headache.
Skin Contact:
Upon prolonged or repeated contact, can cause moderate skin irritation,  defatting, and dermatitis. Not likely to cause permanent damage.
Skin Absorption:
Upon prolonged or repeated exposure, no hazard in normal industrial use.
slightly toxic
In that regard,  if we pour regularly we need to make sure that:
  1. Pouring outside or in an industrial properly ventilated (with blower fan) area.
  2. Wearing a VOC respirator mask with HEPA catridge (pink) if you pour DUST (any kind).
  3. Using Nitrile glove (latex are less efficient and way more fragile)
  4. Using protection glasses.
  5. Wear cloth that cover all your skin.

Our gear need to be store in a well ventilated area for a week or so, to let completely dries the resin film on them.  Don’t bring them inside your living spaces to minimize the highest VOC gazing phase (curing time).

Completed curing time for orgonite device depends on the metal size and type use into device,  the size of the device, the humidity around, the temperature,  sunny versus cloudy day.  Many pourer give a 2 or 3 week report before the scent of the device disappear.

Polishing them with a polishing cloth is a good way to clean them and attune to the device while doing so.   Some chemsensitives people would like a resin coating over the device to minimize their allergies.

Now that we had cover up the Target Organs Potentially Affected by Exposure for Skin,  Eyes, Respiratory Tract.
Let’s see what can be done for:
Nervous System, Liver
  • Drink a lot of water before and after pouring.
  • Wash your body before and after pouring.
  • Do detoxification cure before pouring season and after pouring season.
    Metabolism detox: Clorella
    Liver detox: Silymarin is a great herb eSeller for price and international shipping options.  Try them using the RED455 coupon code to get a 10$ rebate.

  • Don’t pour all days of the week.  Let some days to do something else to let your nervous system some break between resins exposure.

Multidimensional cleanser rocket – The Double Induction experiment.

This device had been made with Thunder Fox, one of my shaman friend.  We did the design,  he poured it by himself.  We did some practices shots together (4 or 5 over two years) before he poured this baby for 12 hours (2 hours break) of pouring layers by layers.

The idea behind this device is to clear the different dimensions around it to make sure that everything DORish is convert to POR.   He named it Astral Cleaner Rocket…  I think it is a multidimensional cleanser bomb. 🙂

I have something similar for my pouring altar and i use it for different ceremonies including healing circles, meditations, out of body experiences, dowsing and boosting.  The double induction make the orgone field in constant flow vertically as horizontally through the wired coil around the copper tube.

It’s mainly two big HHG,  one at the base (1 litre) and the other at the top (1,5 litre).  They are separated by a 3 cup of clear resin,  making them link together by the double induction system;  2 Tibetan DT quartz on both end of a copper pipe that is coil with a speaker wire.

The top HHG have mainly “angelic” signature stone.  (angelite, apophyllite, danburite) The base one have mainly grounding stone,  like garnet and schorl black tourmaline.

On top of it, we have 4 pyramidal purple and clear fluorite with a big danburite on the center surround by gold flakes.

That gallon of orgonite is compose of a head made with pure lab grade titanium micro sphere mix with iolite for the first cup.  Then we add a smaller only resin device that is made with 4 celtic sun cross, that have on the middle of them, 4 real herkimer tiny diamond and a pyramidal clear apophylitte in the center of the cross. It act as a resonator bringing pure vibrations into the higher dimensional sphere.

The other cup of resin, is a mix of bismuth spherical powders and blue angelite from Peru.  It is under the bb circle.

The first cup of brass key shaving + copper powder have some crushed angelite and a big 3 inch biterminated tibetan quartz crystal.  The other half of the crystal is plug into a copper pipe that had been wrap with a speaker cable in clockwise direction (bottom to top).  This achieve two induction.

The first induction is made with the copper pipe.  It’s interior is resin only with blue kyanite small blade between a small plastic tube that is tape to be empty (resonant cavities).   That bring the ORgone from the resin into the tube vacuumed inside the higher density of orgonite that has been put around the pipe later on.

The other induction goes into the spiral speaker wire that we will discuss later on.

The second cup of brass key shaving is mixed with angelite chips.

Then,  the low density is made with copper shots and copper BB with green apophylite.

Each layer have is own stone color.  The head is clear stone,  then indigo one (iolite), then blue one (angelite and kyanite) then green one with green apophylitte. (note we didn’t use yellow stone, clear gemstone work on all colors field)

Each color it’s own dimensions…  and it was used to represent each sphere that we want to clear out of DORish vibrations.

Before pouring  the clear resin layer, we added kyanite blade to keep a good measure of precaution with the amount of DOR accumulating potential of that 3 cups of clear resins.  With the double induction, the orgone can’t stagnate so it was not necessary to use them after some observations and dowsing.

This form the first HHG into the device.  The other one is at the base and we used grounding stone to maximise the flow of orgone energy into the device.

At the other end of the pipe,  we put a 4 inch Tibetan DT Enhydro surround by 4 Euhedral Garnets. Thunder Fox work a lot with salts…  so he insist to put some into it.

Then a generous amount of Purple Star Garnet sand and small chips had been put around.

On top of that with put 4 pieces of some HD copper garnet to help the flow going up into the DT.

Another many layers of brass key shaving mix with garnet.

Then,  we did (no pictures :() make a DT cross with black tibetan.  A DT schorl black tourmaline in the middle of the cross with positive point up and neg point down.

Then some more brass to have it half covered.  And copper LD shots and BB mix with black tourmaline and salt for the grounding layer.

Some more pictures of the first hours of curing:

The double induction experiment rock.  For any people that love to try new thing,  I think it is great to try out.  It stretch out the limits of the active area of effect, making hole into the clouds as large of 4 km.    It’s less concentrated than say a CB but more diffuse with greater radiance around it.

I know that a lot of gemstone had been use, but they had been carefully selected and dowse for compatibility.  Having one gemstone for each layer help to orgonize the vibrations too, limiting the risk to have conflicted energies.   Most of them was into a big crystal grid charge by orgonite charging plate for more than a year.

In doing big project,  we get the sense and feeling that orgonite is much more than a simple EMF protection,  purifying DOR into POR make all living things healthier,  more connect to the multidimensional vibrations level.    Having the chance to compare their effect to other kind of devices is a good way to live through the experiment of orgonite as a whole.

Doing it, raises a lot of energies around,  making many unseen things flashy.  Flashy as awareness through cosmic consciousness.  It had always come to me after pouring a lot of device or big project like that.  Either in dreams with rare entity having clear understanding and communication without speaking about it, or by a great vibration going through the body and soul like entering into a great vortex of high vibrational energies.

Clear Lepidolite book from Minas Gerais.

I just paid a premium over a nice lepidolite book lots.

orgone 073


It’s hard to take good pictures with those, because the viewing angle change the color of the specimen.

I did use that stone for personal orgone devices that help to overcome EMF, stress, anxiety and insomnia.  It’s a great stone to help the user in time of change.

Lepidolite book are rare.  The clear one, even rarer.  To get a nice purple, I did stack 3 books together.  This is the middle book:

orgone 080

I did use a LED lamp and a frontal LED lamp in various lightning conditions and viewing angle.

orgone072  orgone 067


This stone clears electromagnetic pollution and can be placed on computers to absorb their emanations. When Lepidolite takes on a mica-like form, its properties are greatly amplified. This stone insists on being used for the highest good. It dissipates negative energy, activates and opens the heart, third-eye and crown chakras, clearing blockages and bringing cosmic awareness.

• A shamanic stone that aids in access to the Akashic Records
• Helpful tool in past-life regression when looking for experiences that created blockages in the present life
• Excellent stress-reduction stone that helps those suffering from depression
• Helpful in overcoming mood-swings
• Awakens discovery of one’s higher self
• This stone is at its best when life is at its most challenging
• A stone of serenity
• Encourages release of identification with the ego and acceptance of the present moment
• Assists one in finding a strong emotional center, unaffected by the dramas and events of one’s external experiences
• Helps balance the emotions, preventing extreme emotional shifts
• Excellent stone for those with excessive worry or fear
• Associated with archangels Raguel and Raphael

Hall, Judy. The Crystal Bible. Cincinnati: Walking Stick Press, 2003
Simmons, Robert., and Ahsian, Naisha. The Book of Stones. East Montpelier: Heaven and Earth Publishing, 2005
Virtue, Doreen., and Lukomski, Judith. Crystal Therapy. Carlsbad: Hay House, 2005

That text had been written and greatly resume by CosmicSage over WarriorMatrix forum.  I share it with his consent.

orgone 069 orgone 070 orgone 071

I plan to use them for great orgonite device over the next month.  I had test drive some coffee grinder,  it work great to put them in really fine flakes.

orgone 074 orgone 076

Using copper tube inside orgonite matrix.

That special HHG was made to test how we can focus, concentrated orgone energy into a gemstone.

I used a special triangular pyramid corner cut shape.  For each corner facet,  I dispose biterminated quartz crystal to funnel orgone energy inside the copper tube.



The top layer is compose of Stainless steel with lepidolite ultra fine powders.


Under it, a medium density key brass shaving had been use.  The biterminated had been put half in that layer and half into the aluminum low density layer.


The test subject is a great raw carnelian from Mexico directly put into the top of the copper tube.


A great Ray of pure Joy is coming out of this hole.  I didn’t understand how it feel so different from my other HHG with carnelian into them until I read about induction device.

 It’s like a Big Bang into the copper tube, coming with a velocity resonating through the carnelian stone.   Putting my hand over it,  the energy is much more intense at the center of the HHG compare to the border.

That discovery,  give me some good reason to experiment with resonating cavities and induction concepts.   It’s really fascinating to discover all those things into the art.  Orgonite is way more like alchemistry that I had thought about.

Blue Kyanite from Nepal

Blue Kyanite in orgonite is really great for many reasons.  Like Citrine,  Blue Kyanite don’t need cleansing.  It will never accumulate negative energy.  For this matter,  it’s one of the component that I use in every gifting device I use.

At home, even if my personnal device rarely need cleansing (I live in the country side with a lot of POR around), I usually add some Kyanite to keep my devices fresh.

Many of my bedroom pieces have it too.   Since I use it while dreaming,  I have a lot more diversity in the dream state.  I do great meeting within various dreams and they feel more real,  more deep and more alive.


Cosmic Sage from WarriorMatrix had made a great resume of many metaphysical gemstone book.  Here is the synthesis he wrote about Blue Kyanite.



Kyanite connects one with youthful zest and optimism, encouraging one to speak from the heart with trust. It is tranquilizing and a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high-frequency energies, stimulating psychic abilities and intuition. Instantly aligns the chakras and subtle bodies, clearing the pathways and meridians. Kyanite does not hold negativity and never requires clearing.

• Stimulates the third-eye and psychic abilities
• Bridges blockages in the energetic and physical bodies
• Helps protect the auric field from intrusion
• Facilitates telepathy and the transfer of energy from one person to another
• Quickly creates new pathways through and around old trauma sites after clearing old patterns
• Brings immediate shifts in perspective
• A stone of connection, building bridges of Light between disparate aspects of experience
• Assists in negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitrations and other forms of communication between disharmonious people
• Clears one’s energetic field and creates a protective shield
• Associated with archangels Gabriel, Metatron and Raguel

Blue Kyanite
• Has a high vibration and very rapid transfer of energy
• Opens the psychic channels and activates the mind centers, facilitating download of information from higher sources
• Enhances telepathic communication between individuals
• Stimulates lucid dreaming
• Links the physical, astral, and causal bodies, catalyzing full consciousness in waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep

Hall, Judy. The Crystal Bible. Cincinnati: Walking Stick Press, 2003
Simmons, Robert., and Ahsian, Naisha. The Book of Stones. East Montpelier: Heaven and Earth Publishing, 2005
Virtue, Doreen., and Lukomski, Judith. Crystal Therapy. Carlsbad: Hay House, 2005


Whenever possible, I will buy my gemstone in wholesale lot at the pound price.  I will always search for the gemmy type of raw materials.   I bring with me some DEL lamp in show or shop and scan the different bag available.

Here is the last bundle I bought.  I took three little Kyanite Blade at random from the 1 pound bag and put them in different light conditions to let you see how high grade kyanite look like with those kind of lamps.



Without del lamp.


Charging crystals with orgonite.

After many years of work with crystals,   I know when they need to be cleansed and charged without much thoughts.

After a while,  I had many items to help me with those rituals.  I have a quartz cluster,  a hematite plate, a great crystal autel, a hole in the ground and many kinf of prayers to do so.

In 2009,  I had discovered the orgonite charging plate.  It was fascinating.  I made some to charge my own crystals.  After a while,  I stop cleansing my materials.  Simply putting any crystal on that charging plate was good enough to make them clean and charge them with high positive energies.

I have made an orgonite rack to keep my materials clean and charge.   Last year, I start playing with a new shape for my personal home Tower Buster.   The orgonite device have a hole in the middle.

I did compare my charging plate,  a full hole personal tower buster ( link ) and a half hole personal tower buster:1937

The hole is only half the way to the bottom of the device.  The interesting concept about it,  is that half hole create an orgonite cavity making POR bouncing in a circle motion all around the crystal to the top of it.

The densities are put together to make the orgone field rising from LD to HD layers.  The LD layer is full and complete (without hole),  creating the cascading effect from the bottom of the cavity.


Another orgone motion is created by the layers not being at “level” with the ground.  In looking closely, we can see that the layers have some inclination.  That helps to make the orgone field swirling around as well.

On the picture,  the crystal help to achieve another layer of motion.  The crystal point got a positive side going out and a negative side put into the device.  So,  this achieve the third orgone flow help that seems to achieve a better result compare to the other orgonite device tested.


While putting the same crystal on the three devices achieve almost the same result.  The time to achieve a full charge on the crystal reduce considerably.  From the charging plate to the full hole,  the time to cleansed and charge is three time faster.  From the charging plate to the half-hole it’s twenty time faster.

In short,  using that new device to charge my crystal take less than 5 minutes while my charging plate take almost 2 hours to have the same charge level.

Another thing to observe, is the top clear layer can act has a resonance chamber for the POR to have a better effect on the crystal.


This come handy when I pour,  I have many half-hole TB with my crystals in there and the short time it takes, permit rotations between pour.    I still use the charging plate and my orgonite rack for big quantities of material.  But for fast charging effect for one crystal,  those babies seems perfect.

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Playing with layers and ratio of densities.

Last summer,  I made some Personnal TB to have a feeling about layers and their densities.  I passed the autumn and the winter to experiment with those TB and drawing conclusion about how to pour my cascading densities layers.

The theories imply that orgone energy go from low density (chunk of metal) to high density (metallic powders).   So,  I tried to verify that assumption and play with those concepts.

I was wondering,  does the width of a LD (low density) has an impact on orgone flow into a device compared with the width of the other layers?

For example,  LD 25%, MD 25% and HD 50% of the orgonite device compare to something more like 33%, 33%, 33%?

A) 25%, 25%, 50%


B) 33%, 33%, 33%


I did put those two different TB,  made with the same component and materials in different situation over the months.  I did compare to energy flow with my hand, with a pendulum and with my intuition.

I made many of my observation cross-check with various person visiting me since that period.

When put over DOR generator (computer power supply, wifi router) the A give a stronger field compare to the B.  But the area of affect is shorter with A than the B.

When I hold A or B in my left hand and send energy into it,  the A give more resistance over my energy projection than the B.   I found it counter intuitive about my own conceptions,  so I use a basic TB (only LD) and project a ray of energy through it.   Much more easier to send energy through that LD device than the A or B one.

I did take two crystal point that were almost at the same vibrational level.  I put them both in the hole of A and B device.  After a 24 hours of charging through them,  I compare both crystal frequencies.  They had been charged,  they were 3 times more energetic than before doing that.  But both were almost the same level with an insignificant margin in their vibrational level.

So,  I did make the same tests with another one,  that is more in the like of 48% LD, 48% MD, 4% HD.


In conclusion,  ratio of the width layer of each densities have an impact over the kind of orgone flow, orgone area of effect and orgone interactive with human energy.

A balance ratio of 33%, 33%, 33% seems better in overall use for different context.  The A ratio seems better with DOR generator device.  And the last one, seems more interactive with my own chi.    That is empirical evidence at best,  but  that kind of exercise greatly help me to understand the subtleties of orgone device creation.

I learn much more from it with my sensibilities and feelings and that is somewhat really difficult to express with words.

Component list:

  • Copper granule
  • Titanium spherical powder
  • Bizmuth spherical powder mix with lepidolite powder
  • Brass key shavings
  • Aluminum shavings
  • Mexican Quartz tumbled
  • Mexican Quartz point